1.      GENERAL

Living Interiors Pty Ltd (ABN 29 006 940 343) (“Company”, “Us”, “We” and “Our”) imports and supplies contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories (“Goods”). Your purchase of and any Order for Goods from Us is subject to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must not purchase or place an order with Us. Any quotes provided to you by Us for Goods are valid for 14 days from the date of issue. Quotes are inclusive of GST unless otherwise specified.


2.1    We require a 40% deposit to process all orders where you have not chosen Customers Own Material (“COM”) or Customers Own Leather (“COL”). The balance of payment is due prior to delivery.

2.2    If you have chosen COL or COM a 70% deposit is required to process the order. The balance of payment is due prior to delivery.

2.3    If you are not ready to take delivery of the goods, storage can be arranged if reasonably possible in accordance with clause 5 but payment in full is first required.

2.4    We accept the following payment options:

(a)     cash;

(b)     EFT transfer;

(c)     cheque;

(d)     VISA and MasterCard which is subject to an additional 1% surcharge on orders with a value greater than $5,000; and  

(e)     AMEX which is subject to an additional 3% surcharge on all transactions.


3.1      We will not incur any costs or charges associated with the setup and maintenance of bank guarantees.


4.1      At the time of receiving your goods, you will be required to sign a Proof of Delivery (POD) receipt confirming your Goods have been received and you are satisfied they are either in perfect condition or in the case of receipt of Display Goods (whether on sale or full price), in the condition in which they were purchased. All goods are inspected by Us prior to delivery, therefore any issues in relation to the condition of an item must be raised at the time of delivery, as claims will not be accepted once goods are received.

5.      STORAGE

5.1    In the event that after notification by Us that the Goods are ready for delivery, you:

(a)     are not ready to accept receipt of the Goods; or

(b)     delay receipt of the Goods by more than 14 days after notification,

we will arrange storage that will be charged at $25 (excl. GST) per cubic meter or part thereof, per week.

5.2    Payment in full is required for all Goods to be stored.

5.3    Storage fees will need to be settled monthly or prior to delivery, whichever comes first.

5.4    Storage is a service that is outsourced by Us. The fee of $25 (excl. GST) includes insurance costs whilst the Goods are in storage.


6.1    We do not accept returns or exchanges for any Goods unless the Goods are faulty in which case the Goods will be dealt with in accordance with clause 16.3.  

6.2    If you cancel an Order for Goods which are not yet in production, you will receive a refund of your deposit

6.3    If you cancel an Order for Goods which are in production, you forfeit your deposit.

6.4    If you cancel an Order for Goods in transit, you forfeit your deposit and will be liable for the balance outstanding, unless, at our discretion, we determine the Goods can be taken into stock in which case you will only forfeit your deposit. 


7.1    Unless noted otherwise, lead times are generally anticipated to be 12 - 16 weeks from the date that the deposit has cleared subject to the Lead Time Exceptions.

7.2    All lead times are as accurate as possible and whilst we endeavour to meet anticipated lead times to the best of our ability, we will not be responsible for extensions to lead times which, for various reasons, may occur.


8.1    For all suppliers, in addition to any stated lead times, please allow an additional 1-2 weeks where public holiday periods including Easter and Christmas fall within the standard lead time.

8.2    For European suppliers in addition to any stated lead time please allow an additional 2-4 weeks for orders placed between 1st July and 31st August due to business closure of European suppliers for the European summer break.    

8.3    Lead Time Exceptions will vary depending on the time of receipt of the 40% deposit payment. If you have any concerns that the Lead Time may be problematic, please raise this prior to making a deposit to avoid incurring cancellation fees.

9.      DELIVERY

9.1    We deliver within Australia only.

9.2    Unless otherwise specified, delivery and installation are excluded from the purchase price.

9.3    In the case of an Order the costs for delivery and/or installation will be included in the final Quotation.

9.4    In the case of Display Goods whether full price or subject to a sale or promotional discount, the costs for delivery and/or installation will be advised at the time of purchase.

9.5    Unless otherwise noted, delivery includes the following:

(a)     unpacking;

(b)     rubbish removal; and

(c)     assembly.

9.6    We will not be responsible for deliveries that cannot take place due to limitations in access. If there are limitations to access for the purposes of delivery, you must advise Us at the time of placing an Order.

9.7    In the event that goods cannot be delivered due to limitations in access, a suitable time for re-delivery will need to be arranged. In addition to the delivery charge associated with the unsuccessful delivery, re-delivery will be charged equal to the value of the original delivery charge and you will be responsible for any costs associated with ensuring unrestricted access.  

9.8    In the event that the original delivery was either included in the cost of the goods or waived, the re-delivery charges will be calculated and invoiced.

9.9    If delivery is not possible at all due to limitation in access including but not limited to if a lift is too small or stair access is too tight, the Goods will be taken back to storage and storage fees will apply until you advise Us of your intentions in relation to the Goods.

9.10  Unless requested, delivery will be quoted assuming ground floor site location or for site locations above ground floor, accessibility via a suitable goods lift. It is your responsibility to ensure that goods lifts are ready to take delivery at the agreed delivery time.

9.11  In the case of delivery quotes for electrical items such as light fittings, installation is not included and it is your responsibility to organise installation.


10.1  As per subclause 9.10 all light fittings are sold excluding installation.

10.2  We take no responsibility for the suitability of the fitting or the impact that the fitting may have on existing or proposed circuitry or systems including but not limited to CBUS systems. It is your sole responsibility to seek professional advice from a qualified electrician regarding the suitability and/or impact that the fitting may have.

10.3  All lighting prices include globes and transformers. 


11.1  By placing an Order you acknowledge and accept that all samples seen are considered indicative and:

(a)     small variations in colour, shade or grain may occur in different production lots; and

(b)     colour changes in all materials, be it wood, lacquer, glass, fabric or leather may occur over time,

and shall not be considered faults to justify the return of Goods.


12.1  Warranties and guarantees vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and are available on request where a warranty or guarantee applies.


13.1  For certain Goods, We are able to accept COM or COL for upholstery.

13.2  If COM or COL is possible for Goods at your election, you must supply Us with XX sample pieces of the COM or COL, each piece measuring the amount specified by the manufacturer. One sample will be kept on Our records for your order and the other sample will be sent to the supplier of the Goods.

13.3  We endeavour to advise you on the suitability of the COM or COL based on our knowledge and experience but you acknowledge and agree that We take no responsibility for the result of the Goods upholstered with COM or COL.

13.4  You will be charged a fee to cover the freight costs of sending the COM or COL to the manufacturer.  

13.5  Pursuant to clause 2.2 if you choose COM or COL, you will be required to put down a 70% deposit. The balance of payment is due prior to delivery.


14.1  You may purchase Goods which are stock in hand (“Display Goods”).  

14.2  You acknowledge and agree that all Display goods are sold in “as is condition” and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to inspect the Goods prior to purchase.

14.3  You must make payment in full for Display Goods.

14.4  If you cannot inspect the Display Goods in person then images showing any marks or damage will be available for you to view and sign before placing a deposit.

14.5  All purchases for Display Goods which are final and there is no exchange or refund if you change your mind pursuant clause 16.

14.6  Display Goods are subject to the following delivery terms:

(a)     Delivery can be arranged for Metropolitan Melbourne.

(b)     A quotation for delivery costs can be provided to you at the time of purchase.

(c)     There is no exchange or refund if goods cannot be delivered due to access issues.

(d)     If you cannot accept receipt of the Goods within 14 days of purchase, storage fees will apply in accordance with clause 5.


15.1  From time to time at Our discretion We may have a sale or promotional discount on Display Goods;

15.2  From time to time at Our discretion We may have a promotional discount on any orders placed within a certain period;

15.3  Orders for Goods subject to a temporary promotional discount will be subject to the cancellation terms contained in clause 6.

15.4  Goods purchased on sale or with a promotional discount are subject to our returns and refunds terms in clause 16 and our delivery terms contained in clause 9.



16.1  To the full extent permitted by the law We do not accept any returns for change of mind:

(a)     for any Goods purchased by you that were made to Order; and

(b)     for any Display Goods which purchased by you subject to sale or promotional discount in accordance with clause 15. All purchases for Display Goods subject to sale or promotional discount are final.  

16.2  If you have purchased Display Goods at full price you have 7 days from the date of purchase to return the Display Goods for change of mind and you may elect either:

(a)     an exchange for other Goods of equal or more value than that of the returned Goods; or

(b)     a store credit to the value of the returned Goods valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

16.3  Pursuant to the law, if you believe Goods you have purchased (whether Display Goods or by Order) are faulty you must notify us of the suspected fault by email within 7 days of the suspected fault occurring and provide photographic evidence. Upon receipt of your email We will:

(a)     Review the photographic evidence either:

(i)               Determine whether the Goods are faulty based on the photographic evidence and detail of suspected fault; or

(ii)              Arrange a time with you to inspect to Goods in person and determine whether the Goods are Faulty,


(b)     If We determine the Goods to be faulty we will repair or replace the Goods.

Terms & Conditions

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